22 Sep Dive into Paul Johnson’s Flexbone triple option offense. Pistol Spread Option Playbook Version Conventional offense: 5 ½ Defenders to 4 ½ Blockers Double Option Play: 4 ½ Defenders to 4 ½ We have emphasized for years to step deep at 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock to mesh our triple play. The triple option, or any other option football play, is very similar in concept to a 2 An option offense is predicated on the concept of putting one or more players.

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Defenses love to swarm and get lots of people to the ball. Hi Coach, The course is located and can be accessed here: The left tackle blocks inside and the left guard pulls to block the defensive end circled in white.

Flexbone Triple Option Offense Playbook: Triple Option Versus the 50 Defense

The key to consistently running the Veer is the B back, who must be featured in order to keep defenses from over-playing the outside pitch. Skip to main content.

This will happen just before the QB is tackled or when the pitch back has leverage on the Pitch Read. This is not to say that a B back must be plwybook bruiser that can only fall forward for 3 yards, as former Georgia Tech B back and current Arizona Cardinals Running Back Jonathan Dwyer showed.

Triple option

Before the snap, he must identify all the defenders to read during a play, which can be up to three different players. While Navy runs this play from a different formation, the rules for the Offensive Line are basically the same as in any other scheme.

Offdnse a wrinkle to the dive in the Veer option, Navy will leave the interior tackle unblocked, leaving him to attack the B as he runs inside. Let me know what you think. By “destroy[ing] the ages-old division between passing plays and running plays” the RPO changes offense, defense and officiating roles.


Teams began to use man concepts and dedicated a player to hit the QB on each option play whether he kept the ball or not, prompting plaubook to move away from the triple option. Unlike the veer option, which takes some time to develop, the Speed Option gets the ball on the edge quickly, not leaving the backside oprion much time to get to the ball and help. For instance, the Midshipmen will have the outside WR block the opposing CB in front of him, leaving the Free Safety as the player responsible for coming down and making a tackle on the pitch.

There are three basic forms of triple option: On this snap, Nebraska will run the triple option to their left.

We wanted to give our players an offense that they could be successful with immediately. Mark is a reformed lawyer who is excited to work on something optino important than two insurance companies fighting over money: Flexbone Triple Option Offense Playbook: The triple option can be run out of the Trkple formation as well.

Today, we discuss the basic tenets of the triple option using the Fiesta Bowl between the Florida Gators and the Nebraska Cornhuskers as a backdrop. Follow Mark on Twitter MarkSchofield. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Triple Option Football

This is his first read. American football strategy American football formations American football plays. On this play, Nebraska faces 3rd and 2. Thus, many of us came to know the Midline option. The inside is sealed off by blockers, the Dive and Pitch Reads are unblocked, and the Corner is blocked by the Split End. What has made the Navy and now, Georgia Tech offense so successful is not the ability to hit one play over and over, but to be able to recognize the counters a defense will offene, and have an immediate answer to that counter.


The wishbone triple option can use several formations including the flexbone or Maryland I. The quarterback takes the snap and begins moving laterally down the line of scrimmage with the pitchman trailing him.

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The ofrense tackle shifts from over the center to over the right guard. The isolated players opgion known as read keys and will be left unblocked. Remember, the QB is making the decision to use the first option before the ball is snapped. Navy has oftense number of passing concepts built off every kind of motion and fake imaginable, but the routes themselves are nearly all vertical.

Instead of leaving the DE unblocked as the optioned defender though, he is now blocked and taken out of the play. Teams like Ohio StateOregonand Arizona have used an inside zone triple option from the spread. Some counting systems will go on to count a 3 and a 4 and will base their blocking schemes on the defensive alignment.

For us, this is usually the play side outside Linebacker.