The Awakening of Intelligence – J Krishnamurti. This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teaching is an excellent, wide-ranging introduction to the great. This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teachings is an excellent, wide- ranging introduction to the great philosopher’s thought. With among others, J. What does Brockwood mean to you? Will you make this place your home? Will intelligence be cultivated here by the staff and by you demanding that intelligence.

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If we take this world as existing independently of thought, then we have fallen into the same trap. It’s the kind of book you have to study and apply to yourself It took me most of a year to read this book.

The Awakening of Intelligence – J. Krishnamurti

Inhowever, Krishnamurti renounced the role that he was expected to play, dissolved the Order with its huge following, and returned all the money and property that had been donated for this work. They are not substantial.

Lee was confined to bed for 6 months result of gym injury. He says that people ask questions for two reasons, one is to confirm what they already beleive in, and the other is to “really” find out the truth.

The Awakening of Intelligence by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Then out of this listening you will find that all seperation between the observer and the observed comes to an end It’s offers a full view of Krishnamurti’s philosophy through transcripts of his talks in India and London. If you discard these attachments, one at a time, you will reach a state without any attachments, and then you are dying every moment.


And this seeing is not only seeing through your eyes and nerves, but seeing with your heart, with your mind, and you cannot see completely in this way if you are living, functioning, thinking, acting within a fragment of the total mind. Jun 15, Brandon rated it it was amazing. When time is extended it becomes vast, the past before I was, farther and further back and also forward in the future, so you begin to say time is the essence of all, time conquers everything.

I will learn how to be quiet; I will learn how to meditate in order to be quiet. That whole movement – then I begin to think that movement is in another time. It knows it only outwardly, though. Only years ago people thought the world was flat; now we know otherwise.

Awakening of Intelligence

He communicated to his listeners a deep sense of respect for nature. The idea of security doesn’t exist in intelligence.

That is very clear. Gone beyond that, to desire its own hte. Intelligence sees the falseness of what is going on. I don’t know what the advantage is. If you go back to the animal, then there is instinctive response towards pleasure and towards security: They say peel all this off, that thing is there. Or when we use the word “dependent” what do we mean by that?

The Awakening of Intelligence: Jiddu Krishnamurti: : Books

If the title doesn’t scare you or make you chortle with disdain, this book can change your life. I think that we can take for granted that it is not. Seeing destroys all barriers. And I doubt very much if we are in relationship with anything, even with our own ideas, thoughts, motives, impressions; there is always the image which is observing, even when we observe ourselves.


Published May 6th by HarperOne first published January 28th Krishnamurti’s reading is like meditation, spirituality, or mysticism, but without any of the obesiance to authority, supernatural claims, or mystification.

It is generally attributed to some philosophical concept, or they say that source is God – I am just using that word for the moment – or Brahman. View all 4 comments.

We can only recognize things that are already in our consciousness. The mind, as we now say, or organism, thought, the brain with all its memories, experiences and all that, which is all of time. I think that is the way to break a conditioning, a habit, an image which has been cultivated.

Action from pure observation is intelligence, love and compassion. One is concerned with a krishanmurti in which intelligence operates.

For physical reasons, for comfort You and other people have often used the phrase: So thought really created a world of illusion, miasma, confusion, and put away intelligence. Feb 21, Hermi Visser rated it did not like it.

We said the source is common to both thought and intelligence First of all, thought is mechanical.