By the Authority Vested By Part 5 of the United States Code § (a) and. Part 1 of the Code of Regulations § 51 the attached document has been duly. 1 Aug J defines common rules for how vehicle dimensions are to be . z being the seat height or H (according to SAE J) is shown here. Download scientific diagram | Top layout of vehicle based on SAE J standard. from publication: Integrated Framework for Vehicle Interior Design Using.

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The minimum distance measured saw the SAE 95th percentile head position contour— rear view and the interior surface of the X-plane intersecting the side view top of contour.

Measured in the same man- ner as H H39 — Head clearance to headlining — third. The maximum dimension measured later- ally between the limiting interferences at the floor level. W20— SgRP— front, “Y” coordinate. The sxe measured between the tire cen- terlines at the ground.

The dimension measured horizontally from the front edge of the cushion to an “X” plane tangent to the unde- pressed seatback at a height tangent to the seat cushion. H71— SgRP— second, “Z” coordinate.

Full text of “SAE J Motor Vehicle Dimensions”

HI I — Entrance height— front. H — Zero “Z” plane to ground— front. A longitudinal dimension from front of saw to back of cab at zero “Y” plane.


HI 2 5— Headlamp to ground. The minimum dimension measured between the steering wheel, with the front wheels in the straight-ahead position, and the undepressed seat cushion on the steering wheel center “Y” plane. H67 — Floor covering thickness — undepressed — front. Hi 5 — Effective T-point head room — front. The planes are used to determine dimensional relationships within the vehi- cle [Fig.

H70— SgRP— front, “Z” coordinate. The dimension measured hori- zontally from the front edge of the cushion to the SgRP. The dimension measured vertically be- tween the highest and lowest seat position. H — Wheelhouse height. The minimum dimension from the steering wheel rim to the nearest body obstruction. H85— SgRP— third to ground.

The dimension measured from the intersection of the headlining and the extended effective head room line normally to the roof sheet metal. LI 05 — Overhang — rear.

The minimum dimension mea- sured longitudinally between the limiting interferences with side cargo doors in maximum hold-open position. The dimen- sion measured vertically from the AHP — front to the intersection of the steering column centerline to a plane tangent to the upper surface of the steering wheel rim. H — Zero “Z” plane to ground — rear curb weight.

The minimum dis- tance measured between the SAE 95th percentile driver head position contour— rear view and the roof-rail garnish molding, weatherstrip, or glazing surface on the X-plane intersecting the side view top of contour.


Cargo Dimensions See Figs. This dimension is measured the same as L, except all RPO items are included. W30 — Steering wheel to door clearance. The dimension measured vertically from the horizontal tangent to the top of the seatback to the undepressed floor covering.

SAE J1100: Motor Vehicle Dimensions

W6 — Hip room — second. H — Body height. HI 3 — Steering wheel to centerline of thigh. The maximum vertical dimension rear of the front seat from the cargo floor to roof bow or headlining at the zero “Y” plane. The dimension measured vertically from the top of the roof to the upper DLO at the PD3 — Passenger distribution — third.

A vertical dimension from the cargo floor intersection with closed rear tailgate or cargo door to ground. X, Y, Z coordinates j100 dimensioned to their respective planes, 3. As specified by manufac- turer. In the case of wrap- over glass, the angle to be measured will be formed by a chord