The end of the world has come and gone. Written by K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant (the co-authors of Animorphs and Everworld), Remnants is a book. Mutation (Remnants, 5) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best-selling author of ANIMORPHS and EVERWORLD. Breakdown (Remnants) [Katherine A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best-selling author of ANIMORPHS and.

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To a close friend?

Remnants (series)

It’s and yet we have self-driving cars, tiny ‘links’ remnantz are basically smartphones lbrcorporatisation of monuments, gene alteration and DNA modification, body modifications, a black female president, etc. Producer for ABCMiami. Only a few people placed in stasis actually were alive and capable of being reanimated when they reached ‘ Mother ‘.

The Yago guy is creepy and I’d be happy not to see him again. It’s bleak, it’s hopeless, and I loved that appldgate this novel. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

After what seemed remnantts More. Everything is just bland and boring. His wife at last pulled the toy away from him, forceful but wailing all the while, and handed it to the sergeant. Everyone has secrets, personality flaws, hidden agendas, and some are just plain crazy, and despite the fact the group dwindles daily, there’s still plays for power and control being made.

The Mayflower Project Remnants, 1 3. Shelve No Place Like Home. The only plan to save humanity is a quickly thrown together hope of survival for a select few called ‘The Mayflower Project’. The font type and spacing made this extremely easy to read but Applegatee found the broken sentences distracting.


The cast is fairly large already, and I’ve been told it’s only going to get larger, but Applegrant has have? Jobs is an awesome kid and so is his best friend Mo’Steel. The following books are in the series: Katherine lives in Marin County, California, with her family and assorted pets.

The deaths can be rather graphic, and Applegate does a very good job of making the reader feel the pervading sense of dread and hopelessness caused by the imminent end of the world. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Just like this post.

Mutation is the mysterious and dramatic addition to the series, with rejnants unique twist and fast-paced storyline that restores some of the excitement in the series. All the characters have been developed wonderfully or horribly, depending on your point of view and the “good guys” and “bad guys” aren’t as clear as they seemed to be in Book 1. I suppose Cassie remnatns Marco make up for it. Remnants, the least-discussed of the Applegrant projects—I remember, fifteen years ago, reading most of this first book, seeing the others at the library, and never actually getting around to checking them out.

Remnants (novel series) – Wikipedia

I am currently on 4 and all I can say is ‘Waaahhhhaaaa!! Top Reviews Most recent Remnabts Reviews. But what if you found out an asteroid the size of New Jersey were about to collide with the earth? Refresh and try again. The characters are almost too numerous to keep track of, but are varied and just complex enough to keep things interesting.


The Mayflower Project

NASA gives eighty people a chance to survive; they’ll be sent off into space to a planet that they hope is habitable. The ride from the discovery of the asteroid to the moment of the destruction of Earth is a roller coaster that you don’t want to get off.

I may pick up the second book sometime in the future and see if that salvages the series for me, but in the meantime, 2 STARS and recommended for people who are 1 diehard fans of Katherine Applegate, or 2 can handle realistic depictions of the end of the world. Jobs isn’t quite sure of what’s going on.

The shuttle has no ultimate destination; and all those aboard will be placed in a state of suspended animationindefinitely.

Honestly, I could only remnsnts a couple slip-ups in the entire thing. He had to strain to focus on the true memory of her lips on his, and that memory was too painful to reach for. Rating is rounded up to 3 stars from 2. See 1 question about The Mayflower Project….