This user manual will explain to you how to install a motorised installation with a motor ref: Such installation needs some operations, on the motor, but. Please watch the video above then follow the following steps carefully to get your motorized system installed quickly. If you have any questions, visit our forums. Setting Up a Dish And Motor. How does a dish and Motor work? A dish and motor setup needs at least a 27 inch dish we recommend at least a 33 inch dish and.

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Tighten the fittings – once the satellite has been found and the signal is at a maximum, tighten the motor fittings to the pole to ensure everything is firmly locked in position. Isntallation solution for replacement of Cross Elevation Ball Bearings.

Page 10 5 Troubleshooting Page. Do I need a separate power line to connect to the HH Motor? Multi-Dish Multi-receiver Assembly Diagrams. Compatible with the following controllers. The Motor will now move the dish to where the satellite is.

Sincethe main aim of STAB research has been to solve all possible problems connected to installation of the motor and to enable users to buy the STAB motor from their retailer and to install it easily everywhere in the world. Please follow the Quick Guide instructions below.


The dish actually does not only go left and right, it goes in an arc or curve. Required Supplies omtor Installing More information. Glomex is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of antennas and entertainment systems for nautical sector.


Peak the signal on the meter until you believe it is as good as you can get by moving both east and west. This new standard provides that the models HH and HH implements a sound system in order to help in pointing the satellite. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to More information. We have an active forum and you will find some good tips. Navigation Home – Free-to-air Television Information. The prime intention of this project was to design a small radio telescope, which can be assembled and used by school More information.

When you get the maximum quality, tighten the motor on the mast. This is due to the fact that it is more precise to align your dish at the eastern or western extremes of the arc than at the top of the arc i. installstion

dish and Motor installation using USALS

The most onerous part is probably the drilling. There are channels from the USA and from around the world. Set the elevation angle on the motor – the elevation angle on the motor will be based on the latitude of your location.

Now, tighten the H-H mount on the supporting pole. If you do some of these procedures carelessly, you could injure or. The other consideration is to only use a motor with metal gears for durability, the SG Motor and the Stab motor made in Italy both have metal gears.


See users forum and post your question there: Peak the signal on the meter for the farthest Eastern satellite in the horizon until you believe it is as good as you can get by moving both east and west. Fit an F-connector on each end of the cable going to the receiver and connect the rotor s REC plug to the plug of the receiver.

Make it easy for yourself www. This operating manual will More information. Spot beam colour for you location Elevation Angle the dish needs to be set to Azimuth.

Satcontrol SM3D 2 2. Thanks for choosing Toroidal. If you don’t have a signal meter, then watch the quality meter on the satellite receiver which has been tuned to an active transponder.

The tripod supports the Integrated Sensor Suite More information. Indicator Clamp Indicator Clamp page If you run into problems, firstly recheck the pole is level – this is critical for proper tracking.

The idea of setting up a motor with USALS is to get the satellite that is nearest south to your geographical location. Make it easy for yourself Make it easy for yourself www. Dish Size and Footprints. Re-connect the receiver to hsals H-H Motor.