5 Feb Venkat – Packaging Photography Sewing: I am a self-learning person learning and updating will always helpful to fulfill our Professional and. 3 Jul I have been chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam in Sanskrit (Ofcourse reading sanskrit words written in Tamil) from my childhood. Does anybody. like to have vishnu sahasranama in tamil with meaning also in The Exact translation of Vishnu Sahasranamam is there in one of the tamil.

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The Infinite Bliss which is experienced only on transcending the body, mind and intellect, is that which is constantly demanded by every organism that breathes in this universe. They were collected and strung together into a joyous Hymn to Vishnu, a garland of devotion and reverence, by the poet-seer Vyaasa. He is the One who is not conditioned by time. visnu

Siddhiddah -One who is the Giver of the appropriate un for all actions, for those who are doing spiritual practices. Wealth DhanaVeil Aacchaadana and Sun Aaditya ; thus He is the One who manifests Himself in the form of the external wealth, for He, as the very sun, nurtures and nourishes the world.

Birth implies a modification; birth cannot be without the death of its previous condition. The Lord of Maayaa and Jeeva means the one who makes both these possible to exist and function. According to vishhnu Puranas, these four are used by the Lord in maintaining Dharma among mankind.

The Sun is the Master of all clouds, inasmuch as, in its presence, borrowing its heat, water by its own nature gets evaporated, and the water, vapour again, because of its own visbnu of a lesser density than the atmospheric air, rises to the higher altitudes and gathers there as clouds.


Of the end less varieties of Dhaatus available in existence, the subtlest Dhaatu, without which no existence, is ever possible, is the chit Dhaatu, and this sahaxranamam the Dhaatu-ruttamah.

The story of Vishnu destroying these two demons, Madhu and Kaitabha, is a story of secret suggestions in Mahabharata. Through hundreds of suggestive definitions, this Great Self has been successfully pointed out through declarations of Its Transcendental Nature and through statements of negation indicating what He is not.

Asankhyeyah is one who has numberless names and forms. All love spring from our personal love for the Infinite which is the Self in us. Dharma means the essential Law of Being, that because of which an individual is an individual, without which the individual cannot exist, is the Dharma of the individual.

Namaskaram, I don’t have the Tamil meaning with me. Vaisampayana, the narrator to Dhritrastra says: Sir i want it in tamil version My Email id is Meenakshishankar63 gmail. And the Upanishad is equally vehement and declares: The term Satyam used in philosophy has a special connotation. The lotus is the national flower in Bharat as it symbolises in our culture, the Goal of our Spiritual life.

This changeless reality is Vishnu.

Hence He is indicated by the term Bhaavah. Pratishthitah -Everything in the world depends upon something else to serve as its cause.

Vishnu Sahasranamam (Meanings)

To one who has realized the Infinite, the lower nature of the mind Daityas and the enchantments of the senses Raakshasasare all helpless to overwhelm Him. When a desire arises in the mind, only two things are possible.


This idea is indicated by the term Self-made Svayambhooh. He is the First Cause, and hence the first Deity. Amogha is the opposite of it: Experiences are registered as thoughts and thoughts are ever changing.

Just as the same universal space manifests in all rooms as the room-space, so the Infinite Life manifesting through any given vehicle is called the Aatman of the vehicle. Man is no exception.

Vishnu Sahasranamam – All Slogas Meaning with Tamil Translation

Thus Hrisheekesa in its deeper significance, is, to all contemplative hearts, mwaning Lord, who becomes Himself the world, exhausts Himself in His activities, and ultimately packs His toys and goes to rest at the time of dissolution. That which is Changeless in the changing whirls of matter is the Infinite Vishnu. The Lord being the very centre of all love in everyone.

The knower of the change must be something other than the change. In Mahabharata Udyoga Parva we read: Irresistibly, the good is led, by his own subjective disharmony, dashes to reach a hell made tamll himself for himself. When this is chanted the seeker installs the Bliss Infinite at the very place of procreation in himself.

All scriptures, irrespective of the age, language, tradition and beliefs, tamip indicate a Theme which is ever the same.