8 Nov Introduction joint Hindu family affection business and target pdf project on joint hindu family an affectionate business,Ask Latest. 6 Aug 1 to earn maximize profits 2 to effectively running of family business 3 to save tax 4 to get the opportunity to all the members to conduct the business activity 5 to. The Joint Hindu Family Business is a distinct form of organisation peculiar to India. In Joint Hindu Family Business, it is the natural love and affection which the.

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The liability of the Karta is unlimited. It requires no agreement. As a result of this, he does business on better terms.

Characteristics of a Joint Hindu Family Business 3. Karta has full authority and control over financial aspects of the business.

In a Joint Hindu Family firm minor is a partner. Under this, both male and female members get the share in the property of the family.

It does not have any separate joint hindu family an affectionate business distinct legal entity from that of its members. The membership in this form of business organisation can be acquired only by birth or by marriage to a jojnt person who is already a member affectjonate Joint Hindu Family.

The Karta cannot take the advantage of economies of large size due to limited finance. Its an endless list, but love for each other, cooperation, selflessness, affection, being with each other no matter what situations come. Karta and co-parceners are usually male members.

Famiy a business enterprise is run by the family members and they run a business as a family business then such a form of business organization is called Joint Hindu Family Business.

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The family enterprise continues afdectionate be an important element of the world economy and a location for understanding conflict in family relationships internationally. Because the joint family has joont old members who are well experienced to run a family and active earning group of people and their children.

The membership in this form of business organization can be acquired only by birth or by marriage to a male person who is already a member of Joint Hindu Family.

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We will call you right away. Better credit standing in the market increases competitive strength of this busoness. It means, when a son is born in family, he acquires an interest in the property jointly held by the family.

This factor puts a ceiling on the growth and expansion of the business.

Joint Hindu Family Business: Meaning, Characteristics and Advantages

The Joint Hindu Family Business is an affectionate business and distinct form of organization peculiar to India. For people living in a joint family, how do you manage your finances when all members are earning? The Karta of family spends money with great caution and economy.

This is not sufficient to meet the business requirements for expansion. Joint Hindu Family Firm is created by the operation of law. No legal formalities are required to be faced, such as registration. Because of limited scale of operations and financial resources, it may not be feasible to secure the services of experts in different fields like purchasing, production and marketing.

It comes into existence by the operation of Hindu law. One invest in property, insurance, external deals. Therefore, whether the family jooint is based in the United States or across the world, one needs to be aware of the five points in which conflict is most likely to occur:. He works in consultation with other members of the family but ultimately he has a final say.


There are two schools of Hindu Law-one is Dayabhaga which is prevalent in Bengal and Joont and the other is Mitakshara prevalent in the rest of the country. No other member interferes in his management. Joint Hindu Family Firm is created by the operation of law.


Though Joint Hindu Family Business is enlarged form of sole trading concern and it has got due recognition by Income Tax Act,and Joint Hindu Succession Act,then also hindi does not enjoy separate legal status because of Joint Hindu Family firm and its members are one and the same that is inseparable.

There is a great deal of business secrecy in this organization. A Joint Hindu Family business is generally run by a senior member of the family called as Karta or the Manager, joint hindu family an affectionate business he had the full authority to conduct the business activities and business operations.

They should proud about that. Any member is free to get separate from Joint Hindu Family Business. No other member can interfere in his management.