“Dr. Ira Byock was one of the earliest voices calling for crucial change in the way we treat the dying. On the 20th anniversary of Dying Well, we find ourselves. 5 Apr Author and palliative care physician Ira Byock thinks so. audio player above for a longer discussion on the art of dying well, and living fully. A palliative care physician, Ira Byock regularly lectures doctors and nurses about enlightened end-of-life care. He teaches patients and caregivers about the.

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Her story also illustrates the fine distinction between hastening death and ensuring comfort. There are no discussion topics on this book dyint. Hospice care occupies a middle ia between heroic interventions and euthanasia. This book really got me thinking. Most hospice care takes place in the patient’s home, but it can also take place in a hospital, nursing home, or care home. The fact is, however, that most of us will experience significant decline during the years or months or weeks before we die.

Is there such a thing as ‘dying well’?

This book should be read by anyone who is facing terminal illness, or whose loved one is shaken by this kind of diagnosis. It is a great book that offers up the true stories of individuals who were in the author’s care as a hospice doctor and shows how a good death is possible.

He shows what can be accomplished by people and their families at the end of the life. He shows the importance of family and social support.

The stories here not only reveal the palliative team’s way of handling the medical aspects of these patients, but, more importantly their spiritual well-being, or their well-being within as they complete their life’s sto Written by a hospice doctor who has dedicated much of his life to palliative care, this book recounts about 10 end-of-life stories of Dr.


Ever honest, he even cites one case in which pain, despite his claims that it can always be controlled, really could not be. Are you okay with letting go? I am grateful to Dr Byock for bringing hospice to the forefront over the past twenty years so that now, Dying Well is a very real option.

Everyone will handle it differently, but he explains what are the best ways to ensure your last days are good ones, and an opportunity to get the family together and bonding, and how you can die with dignity.

There are, indeed, a lot of similarities that are shared by all but, overall, the definition of dying well has very personal elements carved out within that framework. It’s my role to support them through this difficult time, to help them as I would somebody who I cared deeply for, because I do. All of these are important questions for you to consider, he argues.

Byock criticizes the current American culture that forestalls death at any cost and too often ignores that dying is part of the human experience.

And so if we are going to give people the very best care we possibly can, we have to acknowledge that no one gets out of this one alive, and extend our human caring to the expected times of xying that contain, if you will, illness, disability, physical dependence and yes, even some suffering. From the concluding chapter: Many of these stories left me challenged, moved, teary-eyed, and deeply reflecting on the way our culture and society views those who are about to die, especially the elderly.

First, he stresses, pain must be controlled, and then fear and loneliness reduced. Dr Byock helped start the hospice movement. This is an important book for any individual to read who has a loved one that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Byock is a wonderfully gifted writer who interweaves not only the medical challenges patients have faced, but also the interpersonal and intrapersonal struggles through which patients have battled.


Books by Ira Byock. The author, Ira Byock, is a doctor in Montana specializing in helping dying patients.

Dying Well by Ira Byock |

Another danger to guard against is catheter pulls during transfers. Also by Ira Byock. Since then it has remained the gold standard of books teaching us how to live deeply to the end. Details are at www. Can you forgive the dying loved one, or somebody else in your family?

Refresh and try again. The author repeatedly emphasizes the fact that pain can always be relieved, either by strong opioids such as morphine and fentanyl skin patches, or by sedation with Versed, phenobarbital, or Sodium Pentothal.

The twelve case histories described in Dying Well provide readers with necessary insights to guide them through this challenging passage. In Byock’s book, he is the principal narrator, recounting the stories of a number of patients in hi It is interesting to juxtapose this book with the recently released “Twelve Breaths a Minute.

Listen Story audio 15min 13sec There’s an app that pings you several times a day with reminders of your own mortality. From Ira Byock, prominent palliative care physician and expert in end of life decisions, a lesson in Dying Well. This book written by a hospice physician uses case studies to illustrate that no matter what the disease, personality, age, or spiritual orientation, all human beings need to die with dignity and love.