Ellen G. White () is considered the most widely translated counsel to parents and youth Child Guidance Child Development. Pages·· Child Guidance by Ellen G. White. Covers the essentials of parenting, with chapters on specific building blocks of character, guidance on how to mold the will. Download all the Child Guidance Chapters in a Zip File Here! Use this Banner on Your Website! Click here for more banners. Child Guidance Narrated by Ralph.

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Do my children enjoy helping me? Discipline by whipping or shaking children. Del Jeanne rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Chapter 02 – The First Teachers.

Indolence–the curse of the age. What does idolatry of dress destroy?

Child Guidance

What effect has childhood training on adult character? Do I demand adult perfection? If there is no school in the church I attend, should I move, or encourage the church to open one?

What should parents do all in their power to preserve in their children? What is wrong with the statement “I don’t want my child to have the hard life I have had–to work like I have had to work”? When the window pops up, just click “Save ” and the mp3 file will download to your computer. Name three things that will add to health, vitality, and development of mind and body.


Child Guidance — Ellen G. White Writings

Name my greatest desire for my child. Chapter 18 – Neatness, Order, and Regularity. On what day of the week should I especially behold God in nature? By what fraction are intellectual powers reduced by this sin?

Christ waits to adopt you. Who, as well as children, are benefited by well-ordered homes?

Child Guidance.pdf

Chapter 61 – The Homemaker in the Kitchen. What are the effects of lax discipline on a child’s religious experience? Christina Colon rated it it was amazing Mar 04, Who occupies a most important position in our homes? The compilers were limited in their work to the selecting and arranging of the various statements and to the supplying of headings.

In order to listen the audio files, your device needs to be connected to Internet. Because of our sense of obligation to God.

To save the chapter to your computer, you may click with the right mouse button on the chapter title and choose “Save Target As” from the pop-up menu. How can parents draw their children closer to Christ? Chapter 22 – Diligence and Perseverance. Name the dangers in neglecting to efw our children to work. What kind of parents wreck the happiness of their children?


Chapter 27 – Cheerfulness and Thankfulness. How do scolding and faultfinding affect a child? Am I a problem to my child’s teacher? Should I sacrifice my child to gain an education for myself?

Child by Ellen G. White – PDF Drive

Do the beauties of nature remind me of my heavenly home? Will God accept church activities or offerings as a substitute for neglecting my own children?

They bring unhappiness to him and displease God. Under what circumstances may we fret at and scold our children?