Although, schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder are known to have a high diagnostic stability, schizoaffective disorder is still a controversial diagnostic. 3 gün önce yılında Gaziosmanpaşa Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Dönem V stajyerlerine anlattığım bipolar. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Selma Tural hesapçıoğlu and others published Tourette Bozukluğu ve Bipolar Affektif Bozukluk Birlikteliği ile.

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Volume 26Issue 2JanPages – Assessment of studies related with bipolar disorder in Turkey did not reveal an epidemiologically qualified field study. Bipolar Disorder in Turkey. Volume 3Issue 1JanPages 33 – 6. Diagnostic controversies about the pediatric bipolar disorder also led disagreement about the treatment. Comorbidity of diabetes causes a pathophysiological overlapping in the neurobiological webs of bipolar cases.

Volume 2Issue 1JanPages 66 – In this article, it is reviewed with relevant literature that whether an etiological relation between bipolar disorder and cancer exist and how both diseases affect each other’s course and treatment.

According to the results of the study, training for caregivers of patients who have BAD, development for caregiver coping strategies and, caregiver support by home care services bozukkluk offered. Difficulties of compliance to treatment can be seen more frequently because of the behavioural age characteristics of this group.

Tureng – bipolar bozukluk – Turkish English Dictionary

Childhood and adolescent onset bipolar disorder causes and leads serious familial and academic disturbances, more frequent subtance use, precarios sexual intercourses, adolescent pregnancy and tendency to delinquency. Neuroimaging in Bipolar Disorder. Volume 5Issue 1JanPages 1 – In acrocentric zone of chromosome 13, breast cancer, retinoblastoma, chronic Iymphocytic leukemia genes with B cells, dopamin loci of bipolar disorder are found together.



Bipolar Disorder and Cancer. Volume 4Issue 1JanPages – Volume 25Issue 1JanPages 26 – Identification of objective biomarkers would help to determine the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder, a disorder which causes significant deterioration in neurocognitive and emotional areas. The aim of this review is to evaluate and discuss prominent epidemiological findings, deficiencies and possibile future activities related with studies conducted in Turkey about bipolar disorder.

The aim of this article is to discuss and review the etiological, clinical and therapeutic properties of diabetes mellitus and bipolar disorder bi;olar.

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in bipolar disorder may be three times greater than in the general population. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. Choosing pharmacological treatment and treatment adherence are another important interrelated areas. Volume 6Issue 4JanPages – Volume 38Issue 4JanPages – Volume 5Issue 4Jan Comorbid endocrine and cardiovascular situations with bipolar disorder usually result from the bipolar disorder itself affekttif as a consequence of its treatment.

It is affected in diabetes, cancer, inflammation, Alzheimer disease and bipolar disorder. All the patients were treated with lithium carbonate for a years duration. Limit 10 50 Volume 1Issue 2Jan Volume 1Issue 1JanPages 21 – In Turkey, the need for epidemiologically significant, polycentric, public sampled studies with broad participation is indispensable.

Structural and functional imaging techniques present a better understanding of the etiology of bipolar disorder and biipolar contributed significantly to the development of the diagnostic approach.

In this review treatment approaches in the child and adolescent onset bipolar disorder have been discussed. Subpopulations of bipolar disorders patients should be considered at high risk for diabetes mellitus. The results of this study has showed that lithium is significantly effective on chronic alcoholism only when it is secondary to bipolar affective ilness. Lifelong functionality bipopar worse than adult onset.


Volume 6Issue 2JanPages – Most of the studies are hospital based or clinical studies which did not include a systematical scanning and did not aim to collect any epidemiological data and transfer information to health authorities.

Bipolar affective disorder, family, to cope with, nursing. Volume 8Issue 30JanPages 41 – The first 50 results of your search will affektif sent to your e-mail address. The generalizability of these studies to our community is far from being valid and reliable. Bipolar disorder is characterized by recurrent attacks, significantly disrupts the functionality of a chronic mental disorder. Necla Keskin, Lut Tamam.

bipolar disorder

Prevalence studies and studies on causation relations have shown that the relation between psychiatric disorders and chronic physical diseases is neglected. Although our psychiatric epidemiology and xffektif studies include necessary scientific basis, they are not powerful enough to evaluate the authentic and progressional relations such as rapid urbanization and immigration.

Alzheimer disease, bipolar disorder, breast and prostate cancer, coronary artery disease, Chron’s disease, systemic lupus eritematosus, type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus are mentioned together with epigenetic concept. Volume 6Issue 2JanPages 92 – For heterogeneous diseases an increasing bozuklik of susceptibility variants are being defined.