24 Sep The Youngevity compensation plan pays out retail commissions, upfront and coded bonus commissions on affiliate purchases of CEO Packs.

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Sep 2nd, at 7: In turn, Beyond Organic distributors and customers will gain access to more than high-quality, technologically advanced products offered by Youngevity.

Compensation Plan: Part I – Terms and Definitions on Vimeo

You can purchase the products as a preferred customer and not recruit. You can also receive further training from industry leaders and million dollar earners at our exclusive CEO School events. Affiliates can qualify for a share in the pool by achieving the Senior Vice-Chairman Marketing Director affiliate rank. Free product is hardly the equivalent of commissions. Download the compensation compensatipn. It is all about building a sales TEAM. This multiplies and leverages your time and effort.

The Infinity Bonus is rewarded for building depth within your organization. Since everyone that joins is on autoship — you get paid anyway. Offtopic derail attempts removed.

No one forces people to go into the MLM structure. That is the name of the profession.


And on the topic of autoship, I felt the monthly PV requirements only led themselves to autoship abuse. I see great things ahead for Youngevity…. Thanks for this article because it has helped me make a decision. How many levels a Youngevity affiliate is paid down is determined by their affiliate membership rank: It was supposed co,pensation say if people use the products and are happy with them they will continue to purchase them, if not they can drop out.

Sep 30th, at I fail to see any problems here. You get paid commissions on all those thousands. I was proud to be associated with Craig and Youngevity in the s through Three-tier adcredit Ponzi scheme Binom Review: Signup to receive our free newsletter here Forgot Password?

Oct 1st, at 9: What with all the acquisitions of other companies Youngevity has made over the last few years, I guess that makes sense. I have never been a sales person and was never comfortable with signing people up and talking to people about stuff that I was trying to sell, I hated selling Girl Scout Cookies! Wake up and see — you are a recruiter and not sales person.


Connect with me Phone: There is no catch.

Youngevity Review: 500+ products, compensation red flags

Unilevel Commissions Residual commissions in Youngevity are paid out using a unilevel compensation structure. Sep 25th, at 5: Experience luxurious accommodations to exotic locations while enjoying pampering usually reserved for celebrities.

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As a distributor you can set up retail or you can follow the MLM layout. Youngevity launched in and are based out of the US state of California. Sep 24th, at 2: Nov 5th, at Business Center My Cart. This commission is paid out whether an affiliate purchases a pack when they join the company or at a later date. Wallach is one of the co-founders of Youngevity. Few can back it up.

In Youngevity also partially acquired Beyond Organic. Youngevity has one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. No one sends you things,calls you,requires you go to any meetings etc.