A user’s guide to the VME, VME64 and VME64x bus specifications. View Abstract . Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Active, Most Current. EN. In 6U and 9U systems there can be transition modules installed on the rear side of the backplane. Transition modules do not connect to VMEbus but just to the. The VMEbus Handbook: A User’s Guide to the VME64 and VME64x Bus Specifications. Front Cover. Wade D. Peterson. VMEbus International Trade Association.

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They became immensely popular, and companies began to experiment with them in industrial control systems. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software. Since its introduction, VMEbus has generated thousands of products and attracted hundreds of manufacturers of boards, mechanical hardware, software and bus interface chips.

The maximum size of all VMEbus backplanes is 21 slots 19″ width. Where can I get a copy of the VMEbus specification? The actual data transfer rate of a VMEbus module may be slower than that shown in the Table. This situation was very good for the computer companies of the day because it allowed each one to dominate a market niche.

VMEbus is a computer architecture. If more slots are needed, there are generally two ways to handle the problem: Ironically, it was also good for the suppliers because the lower prices increased the demand for their products. Traditionally, these modules can generate or accept up to bit address and bit data transfers. Single height modules are commonly used if space is limited.


This practice is not recommended, as the board may not be compliant with VME64x backplanes. The original planners had the foresight to place the VMEbus specification into the public domain. Both were severe problems for the embedded control systems of the time.

VME uses a new backplane design and bus protocol. There is currently a plethora of mezzanine standards that are available. Some of the more popular jandbook include:. Unlike the DIN connector family, they include specifications for mating impedance and maximum capacitance.

There were a variety of reasons for this, but a big one was the lack of technical standards. The sub-buses are also a conceptual tool, and are often used in conjunction with each other. It continues to grow and support diverse applications such as industrial controls, military, telecommunications, office automation and cmebus systems.


Bus modules designed to the VME64x standard are also backward compatible with older backplanes and subracks. They found that desktop computers worked great in those applications, but had two major drawbacks What styles of backplanes are available? Handbbook bus arbitration with true peer-to-peer multiprocessing.

The VME64x standard describes many optional features. No proprietary rights were assigned to the new bus, which helped stimulate third party product development.

The fundamental limits on the maximum length are how much drive current is available on each of the VMEbus boards, and the time delay down the backplane. Before a master can transfer data it must first acquire the bus using a central arbiter. Arbiter Monitors and grants ownership of the DTB. What is SCSA relating to telephony applications?

Data is passed between modules using interlocked handshaking signals.

They made lower margins, but made up for that with higher volumes. This arbiter is part of a module called the system controller. It is called the VITA 1. However, if a custom connector hadbook be used, then the VME64x standard recommends that the front panel keying mechanism be installed to prevent installation of an incompatible module.


Block Transfer Cycle A bus cycle that moves data in a ‘block’ or ‘burst’ fashion.

That’s quite a claim, but it is supported by the fact that there are over known, commercial operating systems running on VMEbus. The new market also had low barriers to entry which meant that third parties could enter the marketplace more easily.

For more details the user is directed to the handbook, or the VMEbus specification s. What software runs on VMEbus computers? This is especially true in military and telecom applications.

Another popular VMEbus card style is the conduction cooled module. What type of mechanical hardware does VMEbus use? Functional modules called masters transfer data to and from functional modules called slaves. For example, in many applications the use of front panel cables are frowned upon because:. These allow heat to conduct through the printed circuit board or through a conduction plate on the backside.

Some manufacturers handbool offer triple height 9U boards. All bus activity takes place on five sub-buses. Unaligned Data Transfers Yes Compatible with most popular microprocessors. What are the various address and data size capabilities?