A move towards a world without money, is a giant step towards higher consciousness and a highway to enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism is a system for. Ubuntu Contributionism. K likes. A Blueprint For Human Prosperity A new social and economic system that guarantees the happiness, abundance and. UBUNTU Contributionism – MANIFESTO – A World Without Money. October 8, at AM. Please read and THINK for yourself. Stop sitting on the fence and.

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Just enough to realise that the rest will fall into place once communities have adopted this principle and work together as a unified community for the benefit of all.

Ubuntu Party

Who does Greece and Italy and Contributionusm and Ireland and all other countries owe all this money to? Those assumptions are absolutely wrong. The Tower Of Babel incident in the Bible is just one example uuntu the attempt to keep humanity divided and at war with each other. We do NOT need money — all of these things can be available to us without money. The information is too scattered throughout the book, rather than being logically grouped in the same or similar categories, and is not easily located, either by the Table of Contents or an Index.

But this can also be prevented. Many ancient texts, including the Bible are full of this information, but we have been too arrogant and ignorant contributionidm recognise it.

Jul 15, Marcellino Jonas rated it it was amazing. So, ask yourself, why are we paying for it? If they cannot make money through their corporations, they cannot control the supply. The gold, the platinum, chrome, copper, iron, uranium, tin, aluminium, and all other minerals in the ground belong to the people. To convey the message of a whole new philosophy about a world without money is a complex task. Love and universal light to you all.


After reading this book my eyes opened to many rotten aspects of our society and even my own aspirations. We need water, food, shelter, love, contribytionism, education, knowhow, technology, art, culture, friends, contributionksm, tables, chairs, light, energy, heat, transport, agriculture, uvuntu all the other things we use in our daily activity.

ubuntu: Contributionism Part 1 – Introduction

It took me more than 6 years to figure out most of the basics – but not everything. No Obstacles to any kind of progress. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. By removing money, we remove all obstacles to discovery and progress in every sector. They feel that because of their level of education, it is impossible to have kept such information hidden from them, and that they are too smart for anyone to pull the wool over their contributionosm.

We observe this order as we gaze into the night sky and marvel at the size and beauty of distant galaxies and nebulae. Esteban Una gran lectura. Millions of people around the world create millions of things every day, that fill the shelves of supermarkets.

UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity

Every person should have everything they contribuhionism for. How and why this has happened is a fascinating tale of unimaginable exposure that takes us back thousands of years to the Sumerian civilisation and the creation of the first money, in the form of clay tablets.

Food, love, shelter, health, education, arts, culture, science, technology, energy, clothing, tables, chairs, books, boots, hats, and much of all the other stuff we have today.

Some people ubkntu find this a shocking and impossible reality.

UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity by Michael Tellinger

It will require taking back the power from the politicians and the governments they have created, with their complex legal systems, to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them.

  RD1-125BAG1A PDF

Water can be instantly boiled with sound frequency; and the ancient ruins in South Africa are still active with unimaginably high levels of sound and electromagnetic frequencies, giving us endless amounts of free energy, even after thousands of years of ruin.

This group of faceless controllers belong to highly secret societies, sometimes called the Illuminati and other names. This boosting of these communities will be accompanied by the first wave of freedoms previously denied.

John Meagher rated it really liked it Jan 29, This is what he had to say.

Everything around us exists in abundance and functions without money. But most of us never really make enough money to live a fulfilled life, because other than air, virtually everything else has a price on it, in some twisted way. This potentially catastrophic economic situation presents us with a shining opportunity to consciously change our course and secure our destiny as the contribbutionism race — a destiny of abundance for all.

Through subtle indoctrination, money has become the life-blood of the human psyche. Sections of this page.

How each and every area of our lives will be affected, for the better, and how we will adapt to it. Once again I remind you that this is not a contributkonism utopian dream, but rather the natural order of things that we have been denied. The universe around us is spectacular in its beauty, infinite in abundance of divine contributioinsm — and it all functions without money. The country belongs to its people 2. Some people jump to the conclusion by saying that Contributionism is just another form of communism or socialism.

All rural towns and farming communities will have the following freedoms.