30 Jun Load sharing of the transformer is possible with the help of this project the respective authority via SMS by using GSM modem • The objective. GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication is used as a media which is used to control and monitor the transformer load from anywhere by sending a. load. The transformers work efficiently and thus damage is prevented. The outcome of this power system it is called load sharing of transformer. Main transformer is called power . From GSM module the SMS will be sending to the respected.

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This video will guide authors to write their first research paper. More about the project center. Here we are receiving the data from GSM modem and is given to the micro controller by serial communication through Yransformerdepending up on the information received it operates relay control unit and is there by operating load bank.

Higher Study Browse Top Colleges. Internship Kickstart Your carrier. The output of microcontroller is given to the relay drive IC, which switches relevant relay to maintain uninterrupted supply to the load.


The demand for electricity is increasing every day and frequent power cuts is causing many worriment in various areas like industries, hospitals and houses resulting in load increment hence overload. Projects loaf been uploaded along with real time video and real time project lab photos. Kindly check it and then prepare article Click Here. Smw have been clearly classified. To find more about recent developments please visit the below link: Training Get Training and Get Jobs.

The AT89S52 is the heart of this project. A microcontroller of extraction is used. This project uses parallel transformers for load sharing at highest load on first transformer then automatically load transfer on second transformer. Hence no need to waste time by manual operation and transportation. The global system for mobile communication is used as it is accepted standard for digital communication and is helpful in sending message to authority via SMS whenever load is shared between the parallel transformers.

It is also highly economic and less expensive; hence GSM is preferred most for this mode of controlling. Transformer Load Sharing with S.

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Drop in efficiency and overheating in secondary winding can be obviated with the help of this project.

The objective of this project is to preserve the domestic supply and power transformers from overload power. We have started accepting articles by online means directly through website.


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If short circuit fault occurs, the transformer will be protected. Wuth — Global System for Mobile Communication is used as a media which is used to control and monitor the transformer load from anywhere by sending a message.

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Load sharing of the transformer is cinch with the help of this project theme and the life of the transformer is increased. Other Details Paper ID: Stay In The Know! It has its sjs deterministic character. The output shall be observed the current status, as to which derivation supplies the load is also displayed on an LCD. Call for Papers Submission Date: