A system of performing high-speed multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and finding square roots in one’s head. Trachtenberg Speed Math (TSM) is a software program based on Professor Jakow Trachtenberg’s system of simple methods to perform high speed mathematics. The extract below is the Foreword from the book, ‘Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics’-translated and adapted by Anne Cutler and Rudolph.

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Half of the leading zero’s neighbor is 4.

Calmly he went on working-juggling equations, reckoning formulae, working out rules. First of all, I want to answer the question: The slightest variance from the rules resulted in outrageous forms of punishment. In the low, spreading building that houses the school, classes are held daily. Starting from the rightmost digit, double each digit and add the neighbor.

Although most of the methods need some practice to get a hand-on, some methods are very natural, that we might be doing without consciously knowing about it.

I know it was not part of the brief of this book, but I really would have liked to know why these methods work.

The Trachtenberg method is not only speedy but also simple. Write 4, carry the 1. Parting with the last of her jewels and money, she bribed and coerced and managed to have him transferred surreptitiously to another camp just before the sentence was to be carried out. Well, the mechanical brain sitting on my desk right now can do millions of arithmetic operations per second.


I bought the book on impulse, as it looked promising, but never did finish reading it. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Pages with related products. Views Read Yrachtenberg source View history. Trachtenberg, a brilliant engineer with an ingenious mind, originated his system of simplified mathematics while spending years in Hitler’s concentration camps as a political prisoner. It gives you a way to check your answer that’s quick and works for all operations 2.

But it will take an awful lot of drilling before that can happen, or I suspect before you can even come close to matching your speed with the tables method. No trivia or quizzes yet. What is the Trachtenberg system? Hitler’s men had caught up with him.

Trachtenberg Speed Math: Learn mental math and master mathematics with this maths software

So how is the method faster? Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Doubleday and Company, Inc. Morale had never been so low. After that each digit is subtracted from nine instead. You can definitely use the chapter-one methods to shore up any holes in your recollection of the times tables – but ch. Ships from matehmatics sold by Amazon.

She came up with the correct answerin less time than you can say the multiplication table.

Probability And Expectation Mathematical Olympiad. The Trachtenberg System is a system of rapid mental calculation. What I really love about this book is not just the methods but the fact that the author offers proofs in the book’s appendices.

Trachtenberg System

While still in his early twenties, he became Chief Engineer with 11, men under his supervision. It is based on a check or digit sums, such as the nines-remainder method. In happier times, he had found it an excellent recreational outlet. This man should have universities and cities and libraries named after him. Seems like the authors exaggerate the benefits of the system though. People can learn this algorithm and thus multiply four digit numbers in their head — writing down only the final result.


It’s a different method, but it’s still the same deal: Every home school should own a copy. Trachtenberb Germans marched on Austria. The new system appears rather interesting, but from what I can gather it seems to require more effort than it is worth.

Trachtenberg system – Wikipedia

At any rate, there are algebraic proofs of the techniques at the end of the book of mathematicw the techniques taught. They found it delightfully like a game. Customers who bought this item also bought. There are no multiplication tables and no long division as we know it. They would write it out starting with the rightmost digit and finishing with the leftmost. This speeds up calculation considerably. Maybe once I spsed working on the methods mentioned, I might understand the significance of it better?

The techniques themselves are rather ingenious.

Alpha Centauri Software, Australia. However, if you have been lead to believe that this system is an entirely different approach from the lengthy “tables” method of multiplying large numbers together