Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Naomi Novik and her novels of Temeraire “ Novik’s Crucible of Gold: A Novel of Temeraire – Kindle edition by Naomi Novik. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Contents[show] Book 7 The seventh volume of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, released March 6, Story Part I A while after the events of Tongues of . 1 Jun Welcome back to the Temeraire Reread, in which I recap and review Naomi We continue this week with the seventh novel, Crucible of Gold.

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This one is a clean 3 star, its defently better than 4,5,6. The Portuguese seek to have crucivle freed slaves remain on their estates, in an insultingly-transparent attempt to render their freedom ineffective. Print hardcover e-Book Kindlenook Audio book.

Iskierka buying him a pretty hook. Iskierka triumphantly returns from extensive discussions with Maila to announce that the Sapa Inca will marry Granby. Though I guess a bride-price is a more exact analogy. I was somewhat willing to cut slack when I read it, but after finding this book was no better, not anymore. It’s a tough call about how much backstory to toss into each book in a series and I think she under-did it.

Here is where the story really gets messy and falls apart a bit, as cruciible Tswana have attacked the Portuguese in an effort to free millions of their people taken up in slavery over generations.

And while Governor Hualpa receives the dragons, he considers their taking Taruca to be theft. Sure it’s been a long time since he blushed at the sight of Catherine in trousers, but the whole contrast of his upbringing to this strange new world was a lot of fun.

And surely Naomi Novik agreed, which is why she skipped immediately from the fifth book to Crucible of Goldthe Oct 20, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: Lawrence too, I didn’t feel anything for. I’ve been a moderate fan of Temeraire adventures since His Majesty’s Dragonand I’m glad to find some improvement crrucible the less satisfactory Tongues of Serpents.


Naomi Novik

Hammond urges that gopd duty lies in Rio, but the most direct route across the jungle will be very difficult. Chapter 17 Everyone enjoys the reunion and exchanges news.

Chapter 4 Temeraire picks Laurence and Demane out of the water and returns to the crucbile ship to attempt to pick up supplies. The British dragons are grumpy at being prisoners when they feel they would easily defeat the others in a fair fight. He reveals that he is a servant of Prince Mianningson of the Jiaqing Emperor and heir-apparent to China, and suggests a return to the Middle Kingdom to discuss Temeraier ongoing conquest of the world.

It made me want to ask whoever was narrating at the time, “would you mind updating us on what’s going on with everyone else? My only tiny critique for this installment was the rather abrupt ending, but it was a great set up for the 8th book.

With no other choice, they land on the dragondeck and surrender. Does this amputation, in any way, stops him from being an aviator? I literally came up with three better reasons on the spot like this one: He makes treaties with African nations to help them get their enslaved fellows back.

Laurence tells Temeraire that he agrees that they should go, though their invitation is only from the crown prince and not the Emperor, and Captain Blaise of the dragon transport Potentate may not agree temeraife they should go instead to China: She informs them that she and the French noblewomen are welcome at court, that De Guignes has not been permitted to see the Sapa Inca yet, and that the Sapa Inca is a woman: As Portugal itself is the safe harbor to Britain’s latest plan, a ground offensive into France itself, Brazil’s safety is of paramount importance, and Hammond restores Laurence’s commission and captaincy to address the crisis.


Crucible of Gold Temeraire. Aft Temeraire is back! But, never underestimate the abilities of dragons. Needless to say, things go badly awry with this plan Temeraire remeraire reunited with Iskierka and with a number of other characters crucilbe previous books, both human and winged. Story ends with Temeraire gulping down a huge amount of food.

Crucible of Gold |

And remeraire the world being flat, as they say – the affairs of Europe, Africa and Asia very much influence events in South America. Ok, this book, this series. But went through it all with a smile on my lips. Then they learn what the French are negotiating for: Hammond only just swallowed a shriek of dismay: Cassandra This answer contains spoilers… xrucible spoiler [ Lots of things happen to Granby. Here’s another reason this bothered me.

Crucible of Gold

In addition, the concluding battle was somewhat boring and its stakes once again didn’t really make an hemeraire. Books by Naomi Novik. Open Preview See a Problem?

Eventually, they arrive at Taruca ‘s original ayulluand are thanked by the dragon Curicuillor and Taruca ‘s family; who report this to the Sapa Inca on their behalf.

In Cuzcothey are greeted by Maila Yupanqui – revealed to be a member of the Sapa Inca ‘s ayullu – who ignores Hammondbut invites Iskierka to visit the royal court due to her victory against Manca Copacati.

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