Dena Paona [1][2](Bengali: দেনা পাওনা) is a Bengali film directed by .. Robi Thakurer Golpo is a series of adaptations of Rabindranath Tagore’s stories . 24 ডিস Title: Dena Paona; Filename: ; Format: PDF; File size: 68KB; Languages: Bangla; License: Free; Author: Rabindranath. Here is the ultimate site for reading and downloading bangla ebooks for free. Enjoy the flavour of bengali literature. To Download Any File Click Read More And.

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However, as luck would have it, he did not turn up on time. Her name, evoking the unmatched beauty of a woman, fondly attributed to her by her parents, was quite a fancy one in the family. As for her mother-in-law, she could not stand tsgore passive resignation on her part either.

All problems have been resolved. Believe me, I remember about it every time before visiting you, but then I forget about it somehow.

He had planned to rent his own house after selling it, so that his sons would never get to know of it until his death. The poor little girl did not have a single new sari to wear during the puja. Why would she like the food served by us poor folks?

Golpo-Guccha Dena-Paona (গল্পগুচ্ছ: দেনা-পাওনা) on Vimeo

Needless to say, after that, the marriage rituals were completed with mirthless urgency. It was not a big deal to part with such an inconsequential life.

The funeral rites of Niru were performed with much pomp and grandeur. Raibndranath was an absolute necessity now, he was sure, so that he could reestablish his rights over his daughter unhesitatingly. With trembling hands, Ramshundar wrapped the three tagors notes to the handkerchief and tied them to his shawl again, turning back to leave without meeting his beloved daughter. Ramshundar was unable to take the humiliation any longer, and poana too, from his new relatives with whom he had hoped to forge a hearty eena.


He took a long pause of silence, and finally made the proposal in a soft, piteous voice. They are not taught about the scriptures, or given any lessons on morality. It was unbelievable, but true, that a doctor visited Niru the day she breathed her last. Ramshundar nestled her face in his chest, as his tears flowed incessantly. His grey hairs, pale face and his hesitant demeanor spoke volumes of his abject poverty and anguish. Their company, according to her in-laws, had been detrimental to her.

His wish, at times, was not granted, but he did not have the right to revolt. At this moment, his five year-old grandson clutched his knees with all his might and asked: Finally, in the month of Ashwinwhen Durga Puja was just around the den, his heart melted for Niru.

As the days passed, Nirupama became impatient to meet rabimdranath father. But his vena turned upside down as his sons knew of it eventually. Thus, after some time, it became increasingly difficult for him to meet the expenses of the family.

In that case, do not request to take me with you. Translated by Lopamudra Bannerjee. They were used to their rather commonplace, customary names given to them after the Hindu gods and goddesses—Ganesh, Karthik, Parvati, and so on. Left with no other alternative, he started lending money from various sources with huge interests. Ramshundar had managed to get hold of someone who agreed to lend him the money with heavy interests.


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Her daily life in the house was that of negligence and ignominy, as she survived on minimal nourishment and clothing, on minimal, almost non-existent care and attention.

He sighed, as he visualized the scene, but those empty sighs only deepened the wrinkles in his forehead. To add to her woes, she had been strictly forbidden to meet anyone from her own family. Not long after, Niru was stricken by a serious illness, but one could not blame her mother-in-law for that entirely. As for Niru, she had gauged the tremendous agony of her father while reading his face. If the father had paid the entire sum of the dowry, the daughter deha get all their love, care and attention.

Dena Paona The Dowry Death. However, all his pleas failed to have any impact on the Raybahadur and his clan. However much cautious he had been to keep the news a secret oaona his sons; they had come to know of it. In a sudden impulse, he swore to himself to repay them the remaining amount of the dowry as soon as possible, by any conceivable means.