Words and sentences are combined to form darood sharif. Darood is an invocation in the Arabic language which Muslims, especially those from the Indian. Salawat (plural of Salat) or aṣ-ṣalātu ʿala -n-nabī (from Arabic: الصلاة على النبي ) or Darood Sharif (in Urdu) is an invocation which Muslims make by saying.

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Secondly after the twelfth of these Imams, the world shall reach its end.

Salawat – Wikipedia

Sunan al-Tirmidhi Arabic Chapter of Fitan, 2: The time when Islam will be a dominant religion. The time of Marwan and ibn Zubayr is also not included. Muhammad portal Islam portal. Four of the Imams are buried at Baqi in Madina al-Munawwara. Sahih al-Bukhari Arabic 4: The traditions discussed in this treatise prove the Imamat of these Twelve Noble Personalities. He was martyred with his companions by the army of Yazid in the month of Muharram 61 A.

The second explanation of Ibn al-Jawzi is as follows: Mr WordPress on Hello world!

This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. Al-Hakim al-Nisaburi, Mustadrak al-Sahihayn 3: He died of poison at Baghdad in the year A. When Yazid died, they collected around Marwan after the killing of Abdullah ibn Zubayr.


This proves the twelve Imams mentioned sharig the hadith of the Prophet s.

After that Hisham collected people around him. Therefore it is possible that they will be present contemporaneously.

Aarbic said, the Prophet added: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Abu Muhammad Laqab Title: After his death, confusion will prevail upon the earth. He was born in Madina in the middle of the month of Ramadhan in 3 A. I asked my father what the Prophet adabic. This site uses cookies. Hsarif it is possible that there can be more. And in a tradition: Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim.

Denier of progeny of Muhammad saww is denier of Quran and denier of Quran is a kaffar, Ref for Imamat. Al-Tirmidhi, Sunan, Chapter of Fitan, 2: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Praise Durood Naat Mawlid.

Until the Bani Abbas established themselves. Allah comparing progeny of Ibrahim as who were prophets to the progeny of Muhammad saww who are Imams. Salawat of tremendous blessings. When they die, the earth will swallow its inhabitants. Maybe the Holy Prophet s. Suppose we say that we will accept the Caliph as the one who has the acceptance of all the Ummat, then we cannot accept Ali and his son.

Even the Rafidi accept this fact. Please help improve this article by adding references to reliable secondary sourceswith multiple points of view. Then we can get the figure of Twelve.


This tradition shows that there will be no more than twelve Caliphs after the Holy Prophet s. Therefore it is necessary that one of these twelve successors should have such a long life that it should surpass the age of this earth. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The University of Michigan.

Darood Sharif in English and Arabic [Translation and Transliteration]

Four of them the Righteous Caliphs have passed. Included among them were the Abbasid of Baghdad and the ruler of Egypt. He was murdered before he could gain this type of support. The number of Imams for this Ummah shall be twelve, in a continuous line. They his companions asked him: These scholars have not paid attention to those reports which mention the names of the twelve successors.

Narrated Jabir wharif Samura: A majority of their scholars have tried their best to explain away these traditions in a confusing manner. The eighth tradition limits the number of Imams to twelve: All Prophets ib from the progeny of prophet Ibrahim as.