DA PAM 750-30 PDF

DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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O’course, some lam been complaining about old-type, big-size clean- ing swabs jamming in the bore — and breaking the cleaning rod. While we’re gabbing about water, let’s hammer home the importance of keeping it out of the lower receiver, too.

This bag, y’know, won’t excuse you from regular PM chores. If you have the cal type FSN ? And if gook and brass chips from cases gather in the recesses, your bolt aaion will be stymied. If your M16A1 rifle refuses to pop off — or quits popping sudden-like — you’ve got a stoppage that needs im- mediate action. They come equipped with a single rifle bracket mounted on the left side of the panel behind 750–30 driver’s seat.

DA Pam 750-30

If you do, here’s what to look for: If one or both tangs are busted, there’s no sweat as long as it’ll hold the firing pin in place. Your Prevention is the cure.

Then slide the rifle Put it on and off gently and you can tlie cover pamm times. The bag’s apt to collect condensation if it’s wet or tiumjd, so, check your bagged magazine daily.

The tighter the mag’s held in the re- ceiver, the more pressure it takes to release it. II Push the buffer assembly in about Va inch, press in on the buffer retainer, then release the guide.

Full text of “DA Pam “

;am Sec- ond, he’s liable to let water seep into the lower receiver extension. Use another pipe deoner — or air-dry it by waving it around — to dry the tube as well OS you con. Be sure to clean carbon and dirt from those barrel locking lugs. No ”buts” about it.

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The big trick to using LSA is to get plenty of it on the working parts — like those inside the upper and lower receivers — and very light doses in other places — like the bore and chamber, inside the carrier pwm, inside the bolt and on the firing pin and the magazine spring — and none at all on your ammo or on the inside of your magazine.

Now, again hit the for- ward assist to make sure the bolt’s closed Join the upper and O lower receivers. Paj be bashful about asking for cleaning materials when you need ’em.

Be sure it’s in place when you put the parts back together. Most of its other parts are common to the MI6AI. But, be mighty careful you don’t lose it when you’re doing PM. Sure, there’ re plenty of ’em in supply 7550-30 world-wide — but they could get mighty scarce in your own sector. When you’re oil through — and the lower receiver’s dry — put a generous coat of LSA FSN 9 on all of the insides of the tower receiver and on all of the parts.

This cover’s an aid to PM, but it’ll never replace the cleaning and lubing you’ll always have to do regularly. Your rifle can’t perform without it. If absolutely necessary, you can fire right through the bag. Clean your rifle every chance you get — times a day’s not too often in some cases. Tap upward on the magazine to make sure it’s seated right. If water stays in the lower receiver, it’ll foul up the working parts.


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In fact, with a rubber band closing — not to mention rips and tears — the bag’s not guaranteed watertight, so-oo-o. Clean the gas port ppam the bolt carrier group every day — and take it real easy with the lube. This mag is coated with dry lubri- cant. But, if you’re ever in a spot where you have to use any other rod, like the Mil 750-300 or any other bore brush like the one that car- ries FSNor any other chamber brushes, like the Ml FSN or the M14 FSNwatch this: Test the extractor spring by pressing on the extractor.

Follow the guide on pages Take out the buffer assembly and spring. Insert the spring and buffer assembly. Then scrub oil the ports like there’s no tomorrow to get off all ra dirt and carbon you cor 4. Truth is, you are not authorized to remove the lower receiver’s parts at all. Their threads are coarser 32 to the inch.

Now, when apm come to lube-preserving, stick to the dope in the lube guide of this pamphlet. Then dry it out good with a swab or rag or even your shirtail in a pinch. It doesn’t need any lubing except for the pamm. Extractor and Extractor Spring: Use your chamber cleaning brush FSN or any standard bore brush like theor cal or 7.

Make sure the printing on the floor plate is on the outside. Dirt and powder- fouling — plus an overdose of lube oil — will give you a sluggish rifle. Then dry the areas real good.