The Cosmic Chess Match: An ongoing war has been raging in another dimension and spilling over into ours since the beginning of creation in the far distant. The Cosmic Chess match has 83 ratings and 5 reviews. Lavern said: Like others of Marzulli’s books his writing style is conversational which makes it easy. Description. The Cosmic Chess Match. by L. A. Marzulli. A war has been raging in another dimension and spilling over into ours since the beginning of Creation.

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The first player and the winner of the match is El Elyon. It has to do with the manifestation of the fallen angels on the planet. One of the most unique features of this pyramid is on the winter and Summer solstice the image of a large undulating serpent is created by the sun.

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Previous page of related Sponsored Products. The voice of the “serpent” The oldest lie Book 1. He mentions this several times. Lambert rated it it was cosmif Feb 14, Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. In the Book off Enochwe are told that one of the fallen angels showed the women how to kill the embryo in the womb.

: Cosmic Chess Match eBook: L.A. Marzulli: Kindle Store

The second, might be an implantable chip that will change or DNA and allow us to live for years, disease free! The Fallen One had his man on the inside and it was Judas.

This is His calling card. Afterward, when Joshua goes across the Jordan and begins to take the land, he is told to kill all the inhabitants of the cities he conquers. Math were expecting it, and I believe the Fallen One thought so, too. The second player is a created being. Last Clash of the Titans: Click here Would you like to mach this content as inappropriate? What is the meaning of life?


The Coming Great Deception is arriving soon and the person who penned this article, albeit with good intentions, is, in my opinion, completely deceived. The position of the author of the article that I linked to and commented on, and the other the Biblical view, which tells us that in the last days men and women would listen to the doctrine of demons.

John rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Robert Whitaker rated it chses liked it Jan 13, While this book will examine some of the moves in The Cosmic Chess Matchit is not in any way an exhaustive look at every move that has been made by the players.

It may also be a little frightening. There are two paradigms or world views that are presented here. I also agree about the devil causing the storm to try to kill them.

Baldwin rated it it was amazing Apr 03, To assist me in chese that right yes, there’s a formula to successful prayer I bought Lin Tomasso’s book Prayer Warrior: These prophecies, taken together as a whole, paint a vivid description of what awaits the Messiah at the crucifixion. At one time he was called, The chss Cherub. What I would like to do, however, is point out in the narrative the magch of the Fallen One and how his actions, which he believes will bring him victory or checkmate in maatch cosmic chess match, will in the end prove to be his ultimate un-doing.

The Fallen One has also infiltrated the ranks of Jesus inner most circle. I also believe that at the same time the enemy had his troops in position, Jesus was surrounded by good angels, sort csmic an angelic team of bodyguards.

Where do we go after death? In other words, like we are told in the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels gave men the secrets of heaven. When did this relationship begin?

A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, i let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love, one of his friends just purchased another copy!


The Secret Hospital Corridor. Using the apt analogy of a chessboard, Marzulli shares mmatch insights into the spiritual battle that rages around us from the only perspective actually capable of such vision: I have enclosed part of a novella that I had written a number of years ago when I was under contract with Zondervan Publishing house. How to Get Your Prayers Answered. The people who were with Moses wandered in the desert because of their unbelief until every last one of that generation died off.

Why are they there? The blood of millions of innocent babies cries out from the abortion mills. The cross is the game changer.

He knows that he will ultimately lose the place where he now resides, the second heaven, but xhess his twisted dementia he believes that somehow he can pull cyess from the ashes of defeat.

The Cosmic Chess match

I personally follow most closely the messages coming from channelers, but also the terrestrial commentary coming from the community of scientists, whistleblowers, and intuitives. Jesus is then offered all of the kingdoms of the world and yet He refuses. Were they contacted by a race of aliens? Post was not sent – check your email addresses! At this point He gives up the ghost. The spirits he preaches to are, in my opinion, the same ones that Jude tells us:.

The bottom line for me is this: How can we know who these beings are? The Mayan Calendar is the primary focus of our discussion because it is the source of endless books, movies, Internet sites, radio and television interviews, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, television shows abound on the subject and as of this writing there are about one hundred books that have been published regarding