Sri Lanka Companies Act No 7 of Sinhala: Department of Registrar of Issuance of Official Passports Sinhala: Department of Immigration & Emigration. 15 Mar (a) The doctrine of ‘ultra vires’ is no more a rule of our Company law as the New Act does not recognise it. A Company is now not required to. 31 Aug COMPANY ACT SINHALA PDF DOWNLOAD – Companies Act Sinhala – Weight – g. No Image. Quantity. Old Price: LKR Price: LKR You.

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But it shall not be so treated for the purposes of any provision limiting compnay amount or number of debentures to be issued:. Consideration for issue of shares.

Application of model articles. This Act may be cited as the Companies Act. Effect of supervision order. Powers of Management Duty of liquidators to call creditors’ meeting in case of insolvency. Direction to change name. Distributions to shareholders Unless otherwise provided by this Act or in the articles of a Company, a power reserved to shareholders may be exercised by an ordinary resolution.

Provided that an Attorney-at-law shall not be deemed for the purposes of this Act to have authorised the issue of a prospectus, by reason only of his having given the consent to the inclusion in such prospectus of his name as the Company’s lawyer. Redemption at the option of shareholder. Duty of Directors on serious loss of capital. Consequences of termination or modification of certain agreements. Entries of satisfaction and release.


Repurchase of shares Shareholder may require Company sinhaala purchase shares. Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement Persons entitled to receive reports. Duties of Company with respect to issue of certificates.

Provisions where person other than official receiver is appointed a liquidator. Duty of administrator to summon initial meeting. Nature and Types of Shares Appointment of special Manager. Power to arrest absconding contributory.


Specific performance of contracts qct subscribe for debentures. Provided that, if it is not issued as a newspaper advertisement before the third day after the date on which it is first issued in any other manner, the said reference shall be construed as referring to the date on which it is first so issued in such manner. Subject to the provisions of this Act and any other Powers of the written law, the Corporation shall have the power— Corporation.

Provided that the provisions of this subsection shall not apply, where it is shown that the form for application was issued either—.


Registration of documents, copies of documents, notices.

The Companies ACT

Prohibition of allotment unless minimum subscription received. Power of court to grant relief in certain cases. Disposal of books and papers of the Company. Provisions relating to a shareholders’ voluntary winding up.

Right of shareholders to a copy of the articles. Companies Act Sinhala — Weight — g. Redemption at the option of the shareholder.

Fees payable in respect of mediation. Appointment of Receiver Method of incorporating a Company. Sending of annual report to shareholders. Approval of substantial revisions to proposals.

Expenses of investigation of Company’s affairs. Registrar’s power to call for information and to inspect books, registers and documents. Register of Directors and Secretaries. Every Company shall keep a copy of every instrument creating any charge requiring registration under this Part at its registered office or at such other place as may be notified to the Registrar under section