One of the most loved and enduring wartime novels, Carrie’s War is a modern classic. Published for the first time as a Virago Modern Classic. Carrie’s War is a coming of age story with a twist. While visiting the small Welsh mining town where she was billeted during World War II, Carrie. It is a scene created from Carrie’s War, the book for which Nina Bawden, who died this week, will be most remembered. There are other.

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The award is named after the mythical bird phoenixwhich is reborn from its ashes, to suggest the book’s rise from obscurity. For that we also need our greatest children’s storytellers, and that’s just one of the ways in which our country is made poorer by the loss of Nina Bawden. Views Read Edit View history. There were well over a million people, mostly children and mothers, evacuated during the Blitz in and The housekeeper tells the children many tales, including one about a curse on Druid’s Bottom which will be activated if a mysterious skull is removed from the house.

Carrie’s War

There was no Welsh front, but Carrie’s is a war nonetheless. Less Than Angels Details. Log In Members Login. Five Children and It Details.

A Summer Idyll Details. The book tells us of the adventures Carrie, Sar and another evacuee- Albert sandwich get up to in Druid’s bottom, the curse of the skull which is locked in the library and what will happen if it is removed from the house and what it was like for them growing up so far away from home with a war going on. The Dud Avocado Details. An Episode of Sparrows Details. Here are just a few of our favourites for you to check out.


Mr Evans tells Carrie that the ring was left to him by Mrs Gotobed, in an envelope. In this House of Brede Details.

Added, go to My Music to see full list. He had always put his family first and made a name for himself in the community, but he needed to be less uptight. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And learns of more at Druid’s Bottom, a much happier place, where he and Xarrie learn of Mr Evans’ long estrangement from his now invalid older and wealthier sister Mrs Gotobed, Hepzibah’s tale of the screaming skull and the curse it bears.

Reading this book bawdwn rather distracting, since some other English Lit student had helpfully annotated it before me. Selected Short Stories Details.

The Willow’s end up in a small town in Wales staying with Mr. Winter In The Morning Details. Their friend Albert is l Albert, Carrie and young Nick are war-time evacuees whose lives get so tangled up with the people they’ve come to live among that the war and their real families seem to belong to another world.

No acrrie tactful letters home in shaky longhand. The True Heart Details. Really all he needed was some young minds to make him listen and see that really he needed to let go a little. Carrie half believed this story, even though Albert discredits it. Carrie’s Bbawden is set during the World War, and contains little details that place it well in that time — the gas masks, the trains, the rationing — in a way that’s pretty matter-of-fact.


My Mortal Enemy Details. I read it with school and instantly fell in love with it age Carrie and Nick spend much of their time at ‘Druid’s Bottom’ – a mysterious house where Hepzibah, the housekeeper, bawdeh them strange stories about skulls and curses.

Tortoise By Candlelight Details. An enjoy A book I carire put off reading as a child, because I thought it looked scary!

Desert Of The Heart Details. She is also simply the funniest writer we have ever had, while being the one who could most easily and sweetly break your heart with a phrase.

Carrie and Nick meet Hepzibah at Druid’s Bottom and hear about the skull and the curse. Then in Year Five in primary school the teacher read it to us. Nina died inaged The King’s General Details. Up The Junction Details. Four Frightened People Details. Episode summaries Episode 1: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

View high res cover image. The book is about Carrie, who tells her children about what happened within the time of the blitz — baawden she and her younger brother nick get evacuated to the countryside with the grumpy old Mr Evans and his timid sister which they later call Auntie Lou. The Serial Garden Details.