Arigo has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Heikki said: John G. Fuller led an interesting life. As a reporter he became known for his powerful and clear prose t. This is an excerpt from “Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife” by John G Fuller Now, this was a long ass explanation and you might be wondering. But your review of my forthcoming book, Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife by Martin Gardner [NYR, May 16] has gone so far beyond calumny.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms surgepn Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: Nkife he was performing his treatment with crude and presumably unhygienic tools, did not deter patients.

Steve rated it did not like it Jan 07, Arigo’s hometown of Congonhas do Campo reportedly came to a standstill at the tragic news, flags flew at half mast and the mayor declared two days of mourning for the great healer.

Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

It is a fact that he could write swiftly some of the most sophisticated prescriptions in modern pharmacology,yet he never went beyond third grade and never studied the subject.

C rated it really liked it Sep 01, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Incident at Exeter concerned a series of well-publicized UFO sightings in and around the town of Exeter, New Hampshire in the fall of see the Exeter incident.

Unfortunately, the publicity and fame which Arigo’s abilities attracted brought him the unwanted attention of the Brazilian government, who, in the spring ofarrested him for practicing medicine without a license, despite pleas from thousands of his patients. Other eminent individuals taken to Arigo to be treated were Brazilian President Kubitschek’s daughter, his pilot and the head of his security police, all of whom reportedly ssurgeon back cured from the great healer.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Puharich’s studies included tests on the blood from tissue Arigo had removed from patients, in order to ascertain that it did indeed belong to the person who had been operated on. Kevin rated it really liked it Apr 04, Posted by krishna at Aribo to Book Page. Sometimes a penknife passed over a lighter would do. But no matter what the topic, his voice is loud and clear.

Zé Arigó – Wikipedia

Beyond this, all is conjecture. He wiped them on his shirt and used no disinfectant. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Iris Perla rated it did not like it Apr 14, And it is a remarkable story. His prescriptions were filled at the only pharmacy in town run by the amateur doctor’s brother.

It also must be borne in mind that Arigo never at any time accepted payment for his services, he had to maintain his day job in order to provide for his family. But sceptics remain unconvinced that an uneducated working man with no knowledge of medicine could perform complex surgery, often on people given up as knifs by physicians, whilst in some sort of trance state, which resulted in the restoration to health of the patients.

One of the many physicians who witnessed Arigo’s psychic surgery was Dr. His successes are apparantly confirmed by Western Wrigo.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This was the spirit that Olivera had said was trying to work through him, and after Arigo began his work as a psychic surgeon his severe headaches stopped and only returned when he later decided to temporarily discontinue his surgery.

It is a fact that among his patients were leading executives, statesmen ,lawyers ,scientists, doctors, aristocrats from many countries,as well as the poor and desolate. He performed the most excruciatingly painful afigo without any discomfort to the patient. Copyright by Brian Haughton. During the operations there would be little bleeding and the patients would feel no pain. However, there is no substantial evidence that he ever healed anyone.


Jaipaul Guyadeen rated it really liked it Jan 05, Ali Murray rated it it was xrigo Jul 17, Seamus rated it it was amazing Mar 23, Despite these apparently dangerous conditions he performed perhaps a million successful operations over a twenty-year period, regularly treating hundreds of people a day in his surgery. Wanda Gonzalez rated it liked it Aug 09, Heather rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Surgeon of the Rusty Knife.

Known mainly from the Philippines and Brazil, psychic surgery is a supposedly paranormal medical practice where tissue is removed from the patient’s body by a ‘psychic doctor’ in a painless operation, performed without the use of anaesthetics or antiseptics. Views Read Edit View history.

Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife by John Grant Fuller Jr.

Arigo performed surgery with no anaesthesia, no painkillers, no sterilized equipment. I saw him then cut straight into the cornea of the patient’s eye. It is a fact that he could stop the flow of blood with a sharp verbal command. There is a song by Gil Scott-Heron, same title. One example of Arigo’s skill performed whilst in prison was witnessed by a Roman Risty Judge called Filippe Immesi, who went to investigate the legendary psychic surgeon for himself.

Web site design by Brian Haughton, July-November According to his autobiographyaround he began to suffer from strong headachesinsomniatrancesand hallucinations. In a state of profound shock the senator went to find Arigo who remembered nothing of the incident but helped the dazed man to a taxi which took him to his physician.