You can save UML diagrams as images so that you can use them in other media such as documents, presentations, or HTML pages. You can save diagrams in. ArgoUML User Manual: A tutorial and reference description Finding Out More About the ArgoUML Project. Save Project As. Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!.

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Alternatively use the supplied batch file.

If you are having problems, assume that there really is a problem! We are not going to mess with it in this version of the tutorial. Play around a little with the little arrows at the left or top of the divider bars.

Export diagrams and model elements to Excel, edit their names and properties and then import the changes arouml to Visual Paradigm.

You should be pretty much right back where you were before you removed it from the diagram. AA that are artouml together with the file on tigris.

But be sure to increase the default heap space, when you have more than about 50 modelelements.


Double click on the “New Class” button in Edit Pane the tool bar. Perform mass editing of project data with Excel. Click somewhere in the edit pane.

Then the bulk of the window comprises four sub-windows or Panes. Register for a user id on Tigris. Try Visual Paradigm Free. If you can document how this is done, you’d make a lot of friends in a hurry!

Import and Export

Clicking on this icon will bring us to our home directory. Give it a try and zoom around a little To see the effect of your change, you have to restart ArgoUML. The only folder by default is the UML 1. Companies such as Gentleware and Genuitec have created commercial derivatives of ArgoUML, but these are independent and have separate xave bases.

Before beginning the Case Study, you need to become familiar with the user interface. In the Explorer Pane select or create a class diagram.

The display should be markedly different. In the Element Type drop down box select “Class” and click on the Find button.

Saving UML diagrams as images

Create a class in the diagram. The quality of some of the translations is poor and ArgoUML will, because of that, present a mix between Ssve and the configured language.

If you might need to return to an older version of ArgoUML you should be careful to save a backup of your old projects. You should get a two or more tabbed dialog. The edit menu does not look like what you are used to in other products. Watch now how the design critic note in the To Do panel disappears, leaving only the Add Elements to Package purchasingmodel note in the To-Do list. If you choose to download the binary executable, you will have a choice of downloading the latest stable version of the code which will be more reliable, but not have all the latest featuresor the current version which will be less reliable, but have more features.


uml – Exported graphic resolution in ArgoUML – Stack Overflow

Select the elements you want to move. Select “Class Diagram 1” in the Explorers Pane. They will give you ideas on what the problems are with your model and sometimes help you in fixing them. You should have a directory containing the following files: