Penned by Slash and author/journalist Anthony Bozza, the near page tome carried much pre-publication promise for what it was to offer: Guns fans would. Guns N’ Roses Central Sat Down With Author Anthony Bozza to Discuss His Career, His Time Working with Slash and His New Book With Artie. ANTHONY BOZZA – SLASH – ANTHON by Anthony Bozza; Slash at .uk – ISBN – ISBN – Edizioni Bd –

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Anthony Bozza – Wikipedia

I think they lasted a week; they drove me so nuts I took them down one night and put them in storage. View all 7 comments. You are a fan of the SONG. Hardcoverpages. I would like to introduce you to soap and laundry detergent and, what the hell, underwear. As soon as he could string chords and a solo together, Slash wanted to be in a band and sought out friends with similar interests.

Top Boozza Most recent Top Reviews. The storytelling is horribly tedious and obzza on so much minutia t I am a huge gnr fan and I have to say that I am terribly disappointed with this book. Is he hiding something? The information contained within this book is so precious that it will probably forever be etched inside my mind. Axl Rose is an anti antthony douche but a very talented musician.

You don’t pick up Slash because Slash is a slxsh, interesting guy who gives amazing speeches about what he believes; you pick it up to anthiny out what it was like to be lead guitarist in the greatest American rock ‘n’ roll band of all time! It’s a good read, accessible and engaging. After reading a series of intensely serious books Into the Wild, The Nazi Officer’s wife, and Under the Banner of HeavenI was ready to indulge in a little mindless fun, so I thought, “Who better to provide that than Slash?

He is quite a mysterious figure.


They were literally broke and if it weren’t for the kindness of women, they would have starved to death broke yet they could somehow afford heroin. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Slash might seem wild and untamed, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Yes, there is the debauchery, the indifference to your own health, and the natural musical gift. But that aside, his integrity as a musician comes through on every page.

If anyone knows of an updated I’m With the Band kind of thing for this era that’s good, please recommend!! Oh well, whatever, never mind. The 70 Best Albums of Learn more about Amazon Prime. He then co-foun Saul Hudson, better known by his nickname Slash, is a British-American musician, record producer, film producer and songwriter. As it is, I guess I had unrealistic expectations and was distracted by being sad because this book could’ve been so much better than it was.

And during this placid regurgitation, Slash’s band mates are relegated to one-dimensional status.

Indeed, this was not even his dream – being a rock guitarist is just who he is. But now I’m clean and still good at guitar so, you know, don’t do drugs. Now let us begin, This book sash like a fine cigar, starts slowly but towards the end get really good.

Slash by Slash, Anthony Bozza – PopMatters

Slash spent his adolescence on the streets of Hollywood, discovering drugs, drinking, rock music, and girls, all while achieving notable status as a BMX rider. Don’t get me wrong, some of the stories in this book are great.

In other memoirs I’ve read, it often feels like the writer is just trying to get through that stuff. The Life and Times of Eminemwhich was born of the unparalleled access and hours he had spent with Eminem while working on his Rolling Stone features and beyond.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Because Slash is Slash, you can’t really not expect the no-bullshit straight-to-the-point way he told his life story and answered every single question we had for him about every single controversy that used to wrap him around. Actually the beginning was pretty interesting — growing up as delinquent feral kids of these successful anything-goes bohemian creative types in Hollywood in the seventies — so I do recommend starting from the beginning if you are going to read this book.


As far as we can tell from his account, he remained true to himself at all times, he slzsh who he was, and he knew what he needed. I was surprised that Slash doesn’t consider his drug problems to be that serious, especially since he now has children, and that nozza me to believe his sobriety won’t last.

It isn’t entirely irredeemable, but The House that Jack Built’ s familiar gimmicks say much more about Lars von Trier as a brand than as a provocateur or artist. Anthony Bozza is a New York City -based author and journalist who has written extensively for Rolling Stone and other magazines.

Slash’s narrative was also a bit all over the place – he’d be talking about one incident, and then jump to another, and then go on a third tangent, and then get back antyony his original thought. Instead he seems content to write what amounts to a page ‘Creem’ article.

Review: SLASH by Slash, w. Anthony Bozza (Dey Street Books)

With sufficient fodder to become an instant classic, and potentially formidable rival to The DirtSlash amazingly — no, inexplicably — sounds flatter than a dead E string. We were sitting around rehearsal looking to write something new when that riff came to Axl’s mind. Guns N’ Roses were a gang ahthony heathens. View all 3 comments.