Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2, H. Luhn, “A business intelligence system,” IBM Journal of Research and Development 2 (4) – October, pp. , A Business Intelligence System In a paper in the IBM Systems Journal, Hans Peter Luhn describes a system for “selective dissemination” of documents to.

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He also proposes “reporters” to periodically sift the data and selectively move information to action points as needed.

A Business Intelligence System – Beautiful Data [Book]

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. The author demonstrates shocking prescience.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. In other words, it’s not enough to just collect and aggregate data; an organization must improve its capacity to complete critical tasks because of the insights gleaned from the data.

A business intelligence system

Furthermore, since capturing, structuring, and modeling mobile contextual information is still a research issue, a wide inventory of existing research work on context and mobile context is provided. The field of Business Intelligence has evolved over the five decades since Busibess paper was published, and the term has come to be more closely associated with the management of structured data.


To give an improved support to mobile business professionals, it is necessary to go further than just allowing a simple remote access to a Business Intelligence platform. Editorial Article for the Journal of Microscopy Research.

File:A business Intelligence System H.P. Luhn фрагмент статті.jpg

Luhn’s emphasis on action points focuses the role of information processing on goal completion. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

In a paper in the IBM Systems JournalHans Peter Luhn describes a system for “selective dissemination” of documents to “action points” based on the “interest profiles” of the individual action points. In this paper, the need for actual context-aware mobile Geospatial Business Intelligence GeoBI systems that can help capture, filter, organize and structure the user mobile context is exposed and justified.

Today, a typical business intelligence system consists of an ETL framework pulling data on a regular basis from an array of data sources into a Data Warehouse, on top of which sits a Business Intelligence tool used by business analysts to generate reports for internal consumption.


With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. In addition to the dissemination of information in real time, the system was to allow for “information retrieval”—search—to be conducted over the entire document collection.

Journal of Geographic Information SystemVol. How did we go from A Business Intelligence System.

Start Free Trial No credit card required. The title of the paper is “A Business Intelligence System,” and it appears to be the first use of the term “Business Intelligence” in its modern context. Then, step by step, we methodologically identify relevant contextual information to capture for mobility purposes as well as for BI needs, organize them into context-dimensions, and build a hierarchical mobile GeoBI context model which 1 is geo-spatial-extended, 2 fits with human perception of mobility, 3 takes into account the local context interactions and information-sharing with remote intellligence, and 4 matches with the usual hierarchical luun structure of BI data.