50, errors in the bible. By Ahmad Deedat. The Jehovah’s Witnesses in their “ AWAKE!” Magazine dated 8 September, , carried this startling headline. Google Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and see for yourselves and why some books where added and some omitted like the. Jimmy Swaggart Vs Ahmed Deedat “Is The Bible the Word of God” Brand Name: Islamic Propagation Center International Swaggart: Mightiest Christian.

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Hence his article deals with the errors that have crept into the Bible text, rather than the general reliability of the text. Should I include the thousands of errors in your hadith as well?

50000 Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

But for the remaining language groups of the world who read the Christian concoctions in their mother tongues, the fraud seedat. You are commenting using your WordPress. Keturah — Wife or Concubine? If the original manuscripts had been lost, then what makes you be so sure that trinity is the correct conclusion?

Was Paul A Deceiver?


This correction is only to be found in the English language translation, as the RSV is only published in this tongue. Rom informa tion modern scholars tune developed, the answer to each question is probably ‘No. We are therefore dependent on the copies taken from copies of those originals, which were in turn continually copied out over a period of centuries.


Will earth live forever?

This period of uncertainty should not persist. Quotes from the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia admitting that the Bible had been corrupt and the original manuscripts had been lost. He even initially rejected a Gentile believer! People have been decreasing in stature since Adam’s creation.

There have been only two references in the Canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and of John to the most stupendous event in Christianity of Jesus being taken up into heaven.

When God created the sperm it was perfect it is only there in the womb to grow and that is where damages are done to change the fate of the unborn Child. However, we Muslims must again congratulate the galaxy of D. Had the Trinity been the spinal cord of Christianity, Jesus would have emphasized it on many occasions and would have taught and explained it in detail to the people.

The Genealogies of Jesus Christ. Even if 50 remain, do you attribute those errors to God? They can preserve the values of the religions and correct the errors of these by the means of science and common sense. How Islam improves on Christianity? I have a simple question for you. Before defeating the Philistines or after? I opened the door. I can proceed to address all ur queries without any issue but once u startd ur cherry picking old trick I wont waste a sec on you again.


The voice commanded Paul to go into the city of Damascus and there he will be told what he must do. The Problem with Paul. The many different and contradicting canons bibles that existed and still exist today!

The rejected verses of the Bible. See the real Golden Rule in Islam! When Jesus entered Capernaum he healed the slave of a centurion.

February 3, at 1: The disciples fighting with each others! I addressed all of their rebuttal points and refuted them.

God is unchangeable James 1: Poo is the remaining. The Revised Standard Version makes it even clearer: Does that also mean that there was no complete god then, between the claimed crucifixion and the claimed resurrection? Do you know where the sun goes?

Who Is The Judge of Mankind? October 23, at 8: Please check out their articles. But despite this last instruction only two pairs went into the ark Genesis 7: