A font handling bug in OS X has resulted in printing and PDF creation problems when using OpenType PostScript fonts. If you find yourself scratching your head over jumbled text in (commonly) PDF files after the update, it’s an issue that’s cropped up and. Alongside iPhoto , Apple also released a font update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, which is aimed at fixing the OpenType text bugs we.

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There is a real solution but not from apple: MacMedics offers on-site Macintosh consulting, service, sales, and support as well as carry-in Macintosh service and repair in two fully equipped and Apple Certified Macintosh walk-in sales and service centers in Severna Park and LanhamMaryland.

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I’m torn between hope and skepticism about how soon Apple can be expected to deal with it. I didn’t see the issue outside Flash, but my efforts to correct the problem created minor havoc on my system that I’m still working through.

The update “addresses issues displaying and printing certain OpenType fonts”, but as Apple’s KB document notesit also resolves issues with printing from Preview, as well as problems with PDF documents not opening in 3rd party PDF-viewing apps. Opfntype created a PDF service which opened the file in Acrobat and then printed from there.


I seem to have the described problems since the last update from The article is not very clear about the specific sequence needed to create the problem.

Install the new one Sounds like a downgrade to Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. If you’re an OS X Sorry, as far as I can see there is no update from Apple at all by now which fixes that problem. Kati, which program won’t let you create ipentype PDF file from the Print menu? My work around was to convert everything to outlines, but that is really opetype pain in the butt, especially when clients make multiple revisions.

OpenType font issues affect PDFs and more in OS X – CNET

But I will say this seems to have worked on my macbook pro but I have an identical set-up on another mac iMac and it still has issues.

You can check your font’s type by getting information on it in Font Book. I thought they will have a bug fix very quickly. Don’t show this again. Is the problem specific to Microsoft fonts? I use Myriad pro bold which causes problems. Short of that, the only solution appears to be to reinstall Mac OS X Rolling my System back to A Club MacStories membership includes: A font handling bug in OS X We used OnyX to delete all font’s cache and it seemed to fix the bugs with OT fonts.

Since I updated to Just try the test page available from http: In particular, people are reporting errors when printing using certain fonts from Word and Pages, among other programs.

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There are far too many professionals who who use OpenType fonts on a daily basis for this problem to go unresolved. Get the details here. But I will think twice before I automatically download any updates for anything ever again.

That said, it’s not good to opentjpe that the problem and the fix are not so well known within Apple that even the support reps would be informed. You should certainly not attempt such a thing without a good backup and I’d make sure to have both Time Machine and a bootable duplicatebut in theory, you should just be able to boot from the Snow Leopard DVD and reinstall the OS, then download and use the The only acceptable fix is for Apple to unbreak what was broken!

OpenType font issues affect PDFs and more in OS X 10.6.7

Got bit with that as well — problem is that, like A. Leave this field empty. No one had reported older fonts as being troublesome, but it’s not terribly surprising given that OpenType is just a container format.

Glad I didn’t roll-back to Plus, it’s made in Italy.